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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 10, 2013 11:10pm-11:40pm EST

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normal. 11 news reporter sarah sampson is live at b-w-i thurgood marshall airport with an update on that part of the story... sarah? sunday is typically a very busy day for air travel-- but today flight schedules here at bwi thurgood marshall were almost back to normal. that means most people flying in or out of the northeast were thanking their lucky stars that they just missed the storm. when it comes to travel across the northeast this weekend ... these
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completely different type of clean-up. in the last few hours, powerful tornadoes have ripped through parts of mississippi. this was the picture on our h-d doppler around 6-30 this evening. the storm system you're looking at produced several tornado warnings. you can see the blue dot over hattiesburg... well, this was the scene as the funnel cloud made its way through the town. homes and businesses were
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mangled... and the university of southern mississippi campus sustained heavy damage. right now, we're hearing more than a dozen people were injured, but officials say they are not aware of any deaths. john, just some wild weather? another disruption for service at b-w-i -- this one non
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weather-related. anne arundel county fire officials say an airport shuttle was involved in an accident. we're told the driver and two passengers were on the bus around 6-30 this morning... when it got stuck on the light rail tracks. the driver was trapped for about 30 minutes... and had to be taken to baltimore washington medical center, along with one of the passengers. both suffered non lie- threatening injuries. the tracks were also damaged. [a26]towson fire-transition in baltimore county, fire crews are investigating an afternoon house fire. shortly after 12-30, firefighters responded to the 15-hundred block of providence road in towson. once on the scene, crews say they encountered heavy fire on the second floor... but firefighters were able to bring the scene under control in about an
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hour. we're told seven family members were inside at the time. luckily, no one was injured. the washington suburban sanitary commission says a water main break is to blame for brown water coming from taps in prince george's county. the utility says customers in the laurel and beltsville areas could be affected. while officials say the water is safe to drink, and use for showering and cleaning ... they are cautioning against using any discolored water to wash clothes or to prepare food for young children. new tonight... maryland state troopers are working with the department of public safety and correctional services ... to solve the apparent murder of an inmate. around 4-o-clock this morning... 51-year-old ricky bailey was found in his cell at north branch correctional institution... with head and neck injuries. he was pronounced dead on the scene. prison officials say bailey was serving life without parole. charges are now pending against another inmate at the facility. to washington now ... where in just two days, president obama will be delivering his state of the union address. it's the speech he'll use to lay the groundwork for his next four years in office... but this
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time, the president is also setting the stage for a spending showdown that will play out over the next few weeks. brian mooar has the story from washington.
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take his message on the road... visiting asheville, north carolina,.. atlanta and chicago. mister obama's address will be followed by two responses from tea party republicans -- senators marco rubio and rand paul. [a33]tease 1-houston vo still ahead on 11 news... the music world marks a sad anniversary... on its biggest night of the year. how superstar whitney houston was honored in her hometown. plus... a former u-s attorney general... speaks out on behalf of the
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family of late football coach joe paterno. why they say the "freeh report"... is factually wrong.
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covering the nation... the family of late football coach joe paterno... responds to the so-called "freeh" report, commissioned by penn state university. along with former u-s attorney general dick thornburgh... the paternos called the report "factually wrong, speculative, and fundamentally flawed." former f-b-i director louis freeh says he stands by his report. former assistant coach, jerry sandusky was convicted of child sex abuse crimes last year. he now faces a prison term of 30 to 60 years. a middle school student in washington state is expelled...
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for writing a "kill list" that targeted 10 classmates. the school's principal says police are unsure if the list was created as a joke ... but in light of recent events, autorities are taking threats like these more seriously. parents are hoping this will serve as a wake-up call. the student could be charged with felony harassment, which carries a penalty of up to two years in juvenile detention. police in los angeles evacuated a lowe's home improvement store in the city tonight... after a caller said they spotted someone resembling wanted fugitive christopher dorner. he's the 33-year-old former officer... wanted in three murders. dorner has been on the run for a week now, and left behind a frightening manifesto ... outlining his potential targets. today the l-a-p-d offering one million dollars... to anyone who can lead them to dorner's capture. officials says the reward is historic for the agency. [b8]lapd manhunt-sotvo
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the reward money is being pooled from area businesses, unions, and various police and government agencies. authorities have not yet said whether tonight's tip turned out to be legitimate. tonight's grammy awards, come as a sad reminder... of the loss of a music mogul. dozens came together in newark, new jersey today... to pay tribute to whitney houston, one year after her death. the singer was memorialized at her hometown church... where family and friends celebrated her life and musical talents. houston's mother cissy spoke at the service. whitney houston drowned in a beverly hills hotel bathtub on february 11th of last year... just hours before she was expected to attend a pre-grammy gala. in her lifetime, houston won six grammy awards... and was nominated 26 times. [b10]whitney
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>> pete was just reminded me this time last week. ask exactly seven days ago it was still drizzling through the superdome ceiling. the fun from a week ago, coming
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>> more than 130 churches over baltimore were filled with red today. it did not have anything to do with upcoming valentine's day. ladies were wearing red for the ninth annual red just sunday. the event is to raise awareness among women of heart disease, hardy of vascular disease kills one woman every minute in the u.s. many never know they are at risk. the started in 2005 just three churches. >> now sports with pete gilbert. >> marilyn's return from virginia this morning -- friday morning took several extra hours thanks to snow and sleet. thinking that explains the lethargy with which they played today against virginia. playing defense. certainly not here. joe harris, virginia. six out of seven.
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not total lethargy in the game. marilyn's, virginia, a lead. should kill mitchell had the energy. -- shaquille mitchell had the energy. >> i looked in their eyes. we knew it was a big game. we have talked about it. i looked at him -- i want to give virginia most of the credit. one everybody to understand that. we were not there today, too. we were just a halfstep slow. a little bit lethargic trade >> a tough point in the season to be lethargic. the orioles pitchers and catchers report this week for swing trading. baltimore had little in the way of free agents to the team. the brain trust believing the pieces are already in place. this weekend, especially excited about what the birds might less
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defensively coming 2013. ask that team we had the last two months of the season is essentially returning. that was one of the better defensive teams throughout the industry. as we put him out there in left field, and machado at third base, that really strengthen our defense and we are pitching better. >> the orioles were great on the road last season. baltimore's final road game this afternoon in, it went well. very well. 127-13 victory. baltimore is improved to 19 and five. exactly one week ago, the ravens were basking in the glow of a super bowl victory. jim nantz were certainly adequate on the call from cbs. it nowhere near matched the passion of our broadcasting. how about a little super bowl sideline soundtracks? > >> baltimore ravens. >> ♪lause]righ
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like exploder on the stadium. we are underway in super bowl 47. down the middle. hot. folded. touchdown. and the ravens strike first in super bowl 47. randy walker in motion. back in the 18 yard line. the ravens defense a huge stand in the red zone. running out of room. have to heave the ball downfield. it is caught by and swann. -- antwon. rose and dove -- touchdown, ravens. dennis on the receiving end. it's the snap. throwing deep.
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jones makes the catch. one tackle. rogerson, touchdown, ravens. jacob the jones has struck again. jones, eight aristide brings it out of the end zone. -- eight yards the rings it out of the end zone. he will go all the way. jones. 108 yard. jermaine lewis at the time, two. >> we are in the dark, literally. one bank of lights and one emergency backup set of light from the far side of the field are off for it artemis in the dome. -- darkness in the dome.
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we have got a ballgame now. look out. to the end zone. and complete. no flag on the play. incomplete. ray lewis has delivered and stopped the 49ers. the baltimore ravens are super bowl champions. >> we just can't tire of it. you want to keep hearing it. quick even on sportscenter they had a version that was three minutes long, similar to what a just laid. -- what we just saw. >> that was spectacular. stay with us, john is back with a look at the seven-day forecast and today's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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